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Is There Fibre In My Area? 1 Big Question everyone asks

Fibre in my area
Fibre Boyz has a solution

Is there Fibre in my area? Fibre Boyz through its partnership with Vox has access to multiple providers throughout Mzansi, such as VumaTel, Link Africa & Vodacom to name but a few. They are one of South Africa’s fastest-growing Fibre network operators, to deliver high-speed and affordable Fibre connectivity with both ftth and fttb options in both KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) and Gauteng.

This partnership provides Fibre Boyz with an ideal platform to strengthen its presence in KZN and build on its existing market in Gauteng. For us, it is about answering the question “Is there fibre in my area?”

As this pandemic has effectively forced us work from home, this partnership will introduce more of our customers to the reliability of Fibre that has become a critical enabler for high speed access.

It’s truly incredible how far we’ve come when it comes to having access to fast, reliable connectivity at home. With Fibre, the Internet basically travels at the speed of light and there is no better option to make sure you enjoy all of your social media and streaming content.

Fibre coverage has come far

While we might not all have access to Fibre in our neighbourhoods right now, those of us who do are spoilt for choice when it comes to speed selection from 10 to 1000Mbps for home use? That’s out of this world!

If you find yourself confusing broadband with bandwidth and always mixing up your upload with your download speeds, don’t worry, we’ve got you. Deciphering the tech speak is your first step in figuring out your Fibre needs.

  • Broadband — the blanket term for all types of high-speed Internet. No prizes for guessing: Fibre is the fastest.
  • Megabits per second — the amount of data (measured in bits) that moves between two devices in a second. The higher the number, the faster your speed.
  • Bandwidth — the maximum amount of data your ISP allows you to send and receive per second at home.
  • Throughput — the actual amount of data successfully sent and received by your connected devices at home. This is what a speed test will measure.
  • Download Speed — how fast you can receive/download data — crucial for buffer-free Netflix binge sessions, streaming music and browsing the web. We list this number first.
  • Upload Speed — how fast you can send/upload data — crucial for seamless video calls and online gaming. We list this second.
Fibre Packages

Ultimately, your choice of Fibre package should be based on the number of people who will use it, what you’ll need to use it for (i.e. work from home, gaming, streaming or social media browsing) and how many devices you’ll need to connect to it at any given time.

With go-to-market pricing starting at R599 for a 10/10 symmetrical line, the partnership sees the availability of one of the most cost-effective Fibre packages in the KZN.

What differentiates us from our competitors is that we deliver a wide range of value-added solutions designed to benefit both the home and business market segments. This includes providing laptop rentals (ideal for work from home), Microsoft 365WiFi extenders, and UPS backup solutions, to name just a few.

Email or call/whatsapp 079 694 7120

If you are interested in shopping using our socially distant tools by shopping online, please feel free to look at this video. We hope we have answered the big “Is there Fibre in my area?” question.

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