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Smart WiFi Cameras: 2 Effective Options

smart wifi camera

Protecting your assets can be a great concern for South Africa, but technology can assist, this is why we have launched a suite of Smart WiFi Cameras, powered by TP link as an outright sales, or great solutions on rental using the Guardian Eye technology supplied by Vox which gives homes and even small business owners access to an affordable, easy-to-install remote security surveillance solution that captures video in high definition, includes a built-in alarm, and integrates with popular digital assistants on your phone though apps.

Our Smart WiFi Camera Options

We have specifically priced the cameras from as little as R749 for a TP-LINK TAPO C100 – HOME SECURITY WI-FI CAMERA packed with a lot of features, and can be easily installed for indoor use in a matter of minutes by the average user, while we have a great rental option as little as R130.41 per month for a guardian eye indoor nanny camera. The smart wifi cameras can provide basic analytics which are built into the camera, and you can set up workflows such as having the camera send you notifications, a snapshot, and/or sound an alarm if any motion is detected during a preset time.

Our smart wifi camera solutions are internationally recognised for its durability and reliability even in adverse weather, yet is lightweight and can easily be installed by users themselves. Having built-in WiFi means that only electrical power, and not any physical network cabling, is required. Similarly, it is just as easy to move the camera to another location should you decide to more office or house.

The camera includes an app that allows users to easily monitor their homes, and get instant notifications, from all connected devices, of movements in the camera’s field of view including talking through the camera to your helper or even scaring off an intruder.

Most of the WiFi Cameras can save recorded footage to an onboard Micro SD card (up to 128GB), or to the  manufacturer’s subscription based encrypted cloud storage, or a local network video recorder.

Users can easily download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play, if you would like to view live or recorded video from anywhere.

The app allows users to add multiple cameras to their profile, ensuring that their entire premises is covered, and can be monitored from a central point. This allows security at your fingertips.

Smart wifi camera options in South Africa

Unfortunately, in South Africa, there is no single silver bullet to address security, and you need to be able to secure your premises with multiple layers, such as sensors, alarms, cameras and more but cameras in their specific way can prevent intruders from entry by deterring them or can identify them for law enforcement agencies to apprehend a suspect.

Secure the safety of your family, contact for an online assessment and to package a solution tailored to your needs.

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