1 Great Reason Why Uncapped Internet is the future.


South Africans are demanding better internet services for their day-to-day needs. Whether you are an individual or a business, you deserve the best uncapped internet deal around. Why, do you ask? We are living in a virtual world that was definitely fast-tracked by the pandemic! The world has now changed and uncapped internet will be […]

5 Great Streaming Services Powered By Uncapped Fibre

Streaming Uncapped internet

Streaming Services Are Taking Over We all know DSTV is expensive, costing you a whopping R829 with loads of channels you just can’t watch. With more and more people moving to on-demand television, using streaming services like Netflix, Showmax, Prime, Disney+ and now BritBox at affordable rates, more and more people are moving to uncapped fibre which […]

Fixed LTE: The 1 powerful alternative to fibre

Fixed LTE

Where to Start With Fixed LTE We are in South Africa and the need for accessing the internet is booming! While fibre is king, there may be an alternative which could just work – Fixed LTE provides great speed at an affordable rate and in today’s difficult socio-economic climate, price is king. South Africa has been greatly impacted by […]

1 great way our TP-Link Deco Mesh can make your home smart.

TP Link Deco Mesh

Would you like to take control of your home? Or just Looking to go smart? Our TP-link Deco mesh systems are not just solutions to extend coverage, It lets you take control of Wi-Fi usage in your home with a handy app. Where the TP-Link Deco Mesh fits in. A Wi-Fi is our new norm and as brilliant […]

1 Device To Boost Smart Home Security

smart home security

Its time to smarten up. South Africa is notorious for its unfortunate incidents of late. Its time to smarten up, Our team at Fibre Boyz have put together a suite of SMART wifi camera solutions to fight back! Getting the right home security cameras will act as your high-tech frontline. The good news is, there’s a home […]