What is webmail email hosting? Here are 4 great reasons your business need it.

webmail email

What is webmail Email Hosting and why do you need it? This may get a bit technical, but we hope we can explain the basics on this so that you can understand why your business needs an email hosting service and not just a free Gmail, Webmail or Yahoo account. Email hosting is an online service that rents out […]

Is Fat Pipe DSL internet a great option for me? 2 strong reasons to get ADSL.

dsl internet

So what is fat pipe DSL internet or ADSL and is it an option for you? ADSL has long been a staple for South Africans wanting to connect to the Internet – especially the early adopters. ADSL or Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line, long name right…. that’s why you probably didn’t know what it stands for, its as old […]