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Frequently Asked Questions

What Do I need to get up and running?

Fibre Boyz will order a line from the Fibre supplier (Openserve, Frogfoot, Vumatel, Fibrehoods, WAN, Octotel, Mitsol or DFA depending on your suburb) who then lays fibre outside the property boundary wall. The fibre line supplier then needs to run fibre from your boundary wall to inside your home and connect it to a Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) device. The make /model of the CPE device is supplier dependent. Vox will then install a WAN enabled wireless router (which is provided for free on all our bundle offerings) to get you connected to super-fast internet

Do I need a voicle line/number?

No. Fibre runs completely independently of your traditional voice (analogue/copper) line

What Do I need to know?

Fibre Internet has two parts

1. Fibre Network Operator: Heard the names Vumatel, Openserve, etc, these are called FNO’s (Fibre Network Operators) there is usually ONLY ONE fibre network in your area – if any. The Fibre Network Operator, installs and owns the fibre optic cables that is in the ground in front of your house.

2. Fibre ISP: Heard the name FIBRE BOYZ? We are an ISP who sell you a fibre package through our relationship with FNO in your area. You CAN NOT pick and choose the Fibre network. You CAN pick and choose the fibre ISP. Have a look at the fibre coverage map to see which Fibre Network is in your area.


The Fibre Network Operators (Openserve, Vumatel, Frogfoot or Octotel) sets the “bulk” of the pricing component that the ISP sells to you. That is why Fibre Boyz will have multiple prices for their 20 Mbps Uncapped Packages, based on the underlying fibre network.
So even though you and your friend are both with Fibre Boyz (the ISP) and have signed up for the 20Mbps Uncapped fibre(the package), but you live in different areas with a different fibre network (Openserve vs Frogfoot), you will pay a different price.

How Much Fibre Speed Do I need For Streaming?

For Streaming movies you only need about 5Mbps connection to stream in HD quality.
It is recommended for a household of 1-2 people to go with 10Mbps, for each additional person add 5-10 Mbps depending on your budget. It’s very easy to upgrade the speed later.

How Long Does Fibre Installation Take And How Much Does It Cost ?

Depends on the fibre network operator but anything from 3-10 days usually. Most ISPs will give you free installation, provided that you stay with them for at least 12 months.

Is Fibre Better Than Wi-Fi Or LTE?

Absolutely yes, fibre is a dedicated physical internet connection, compared to LTE or Wi-Fi which has to share the radio waves with other people to bring you internet.
LTE and Wi-FI is much less reliable and consistent than a physical optic fibre connection.

How much is Uncapped Fibre?

Have a look at the latest dealz, but this is dependent on the FNO in the area.

Do I need a router for Fibre?

Most ISPs will provide you with a fibre router free of charge. The fibre connection also requires a Fibre ONT(FrogFoot, OpenServe) or Fibre CPE device (Vumatel) in addition to a Wi-Fi router with a WAN port. The ISPs will supply both items.
You can also use any Wi-Fi router that has a WAN port, but you might need to reconfigure it.

How does Fibre Differ from ADSL?

ADSL runs over existing copper wire infrastructure, which is often unreliable, heavily contended and offers average speeds of around 4Mbps. Fibre, on the other hand, transmits information as light impulses along flexible glass fibres at incredible speed, allowing users to achieve speeds of up to 1000mbps. Fibre connections are around 250 times faster than ADSL ones.

Can I make phone calls over my Fibre line?

Yes you can, using the Vox Supafone or with the Vobi App. This can save up to 30% on your call costs, alternatively you can bolt on our uncapped calling plan (some of our awesome bundles include the above products)

Do I need a voice line/number from Openserve when ordering Uncapped DSL?

You don’t need a telephone line to order Uncapped Pure DSL.

A telephone line is mandatory when ordering Uncapped Copper DSL as it runs over Openserve’s copper network.

Do I need to have an existing DSL service before ordering Capped DSL?

Yes, Capped DSL is a data-only capped package. You will need an existing DSL service. You can purchase DSL lines separately from Vox.

Why do all line speeds stipulate ‘up to’ speeds?

The distance from the Openserve exchange, exchange capability and the quality of the copper can influence your line speed. DSL is a best-effort service and speeds cannot be guaranteed. It is available at up to 5Mbps, 10Mbps, 20Mbps and 40Mbps, customers will pay for the speed selected regardless of the speed delivered.

Will I be able to order Uncapped DSL if I have Fibre in my area?

If there is “live” Fibre or it’s ‘imminent’ then Uncapped DSL orders won’t be allowed. Please order your service on our Fibre to the Home page.

If I have an existing ADSL line can I buy Uncapped DSL?

Yes, but your existing service will need to be cancelled with Telkom and your ISP. For Uncapped Pure DSL, both the ADSL and telephone line services will need to be cancelled.

For Uncapped Copper DSL, you’ll need to cancel your ADSL, but your telephone line can remain with Openserve.

Will I lose my telephone number if I cancel my telephone line with Telkom?

If you want to retain your telephone number, please port the number to Fibre Boyz before you cancel your telephone line.  You will be able to choose between an uncapped or rated voice package.

Is there a Fair Usage Policy (FUP) on Vox Uncapped DSL?

Fibre Boyz has removed all Fair Use Policies (FUP) so you can have peace of mind that you will never run out of data or get throttled.

What is a concurrent connection?

A concurrent connection means multiple people can log onto the same username and password at the same time. You can have up to four concurrent connections with Capped DSL.

What is Telkom or MTN Wi-Fi?

There is no such product, you might be thinking of Telkom or MTN LTE , which is wireless internet access. You can also get Telkom Fibre with a Wi-Fi router which is also wireless.

How long does it take to get my Fixed LTE-A SIM delivered?

We’ll do our best to have you connected within 7 working days of your order being placed.

Does my unused data roll over?

Yes, it does, until the end of the following month.

How long is my Top Up data valid for?

Until the end of the following month.

How can I view my usage?

Check out the Vox Customer Zone for details on your account and set up usage notifications via email or SMS to keep up to speed!

Are the speeds guaranteed from the Fixed LTE-A service?

Vox Fixed LTE-A is a best effort service, thus the speeds can’t be guaranteed.

What RICA rules apply?

RICA documents will be required when ordering Fixed LTE-A and these are:

A certified copy of your ID

Proof of your residential address – not older than 3 months

Can I upgrade my product?

Yes, the upgrade will be valid from the first (1st) day of the following month.

Can I move my router between different addresses?

No, Fixed LTE-A means your SIM card is linked to the closest cellular towers that service your address. If you do move your router, the SIM will be “soft locked” and can only be reactivated once you return to the original address.

What packages are on offer?

Vox has 3 options for your perusal. Buy your router and receive a SIM, rent your router and your SIM as a bundle or, if you already have a compatible router, opt for our SIM Only solution.

Is my data really uncapped?

Yes, on the 1st of every month with the Telkom Uncapped package, you’ll receive 250GB at 10Mbps, thereafter 50GB at 4Mbps and thereafter uncapped data at 2Mbps for the remainder of the month.

What does FUP mean?

FUP means Fair Usage Policy, this is implemented to prevent overuse or abuse of services by a few users, which could lead to unavailability of services for other users.

Can I top-up my data if I run out?


– Capped packages can be topped up once data is depleted.

– Uncapped All-hour packages can be topped up to improve speed.

– Uncapped Business packages can be topped up to provide service between 7pm – 11.59pm

5GB @ R99 (5GB Anytime + 5GB Night Surfer) which works out to R9.90/MB

10GB @ R149 (10GB Anytime + 10GB Night Surfer) which works out to R7.45/MB

20GB @ R249 (20GB Anytime + 10GB Night Surfer) which works out to R6.23/MB

40GB @ R359 (40GB Anytime + 40GB Night Surfer) which works out to R4.49/MB

60GB @ R459 (60GB Anytime + 60GB Night Surfer) which works out to R3.83/MB

120GB @ R759 (120GB Anytime + 120GB Night Surfer) which works out to R3.16/MB

220GB @ R1059 (220Gb Anytime + 220GB Night Surfer) which works out to R2.41/MB

Can I upgrade or downgrade my package?

An upgrade is when you purchase a package of a higher base subscription.

A downgrade is when you purchase a package of a lower base subscription.

Both upgrades and downgrades are permitted. Downgrades are subject to a downgrade fee of R465, including VAT.

Will I be signing a termed contract?

Capped LTE packages are month-to-month and Uncapped Packages are on a 12-month contract, at the end of the contract period, package becomes a month-month

Should an Uncapped package be cancelled within the first 12 months, a cancellation fee of up to R1200 will be charged.

Your RICA documents will be required upon ordering Vox LTE which are:

Certified Copy of your I.D

Proof of Address not older than 3 months

Is a router required to enable the service to work?

Yes. An approved router is needed and can be purchased, or rented, from Us.

Do I need a different router/modem?

The router needs to be compatible with fibre. Vox will provide you with the appropriate router/modem with your package of choice.

Only MTN approved Routers are accepted, these include:


What Is More Important Upload Speed Or Download Speed (Mbps)?

The download speed is much more important than the upload speed for 99% of the users. This is the amount of data-throughput per second that the other side (example NetFlix) can send you.
It is usually measured in Mbps (Megabits Per Second) not megabytes (MBps)

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