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1 Great Reason Why Uncapped Internet is the future.


South Africans are demanding better internet services for their day-to-day needs. Whether you are an individual or a business, you deserve the best uncapped internet deal around. Why, do you ask? We are living in a virtual world that was definitely fast-tracked by the pandemic! The world has now changed and uncapped internet will be its future! The national lockdown which arose as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic has made it clear to South African citizens and their small businesses that they need high-speed, reliable Internet at home. Whether you want to stream, socialize or to run your business, the internet is simply a basic human right!

Getting the best Uncapped Internet provider in South Africa.
Uncapped Internet
Uncapped Internet

Reliable fibre assists with remote working and choosing the right fibre network operator is largely limited. Finding an ISP who looks for the best deal is an important shift for the SA consumer.

The problem in South Africa unfortunately is the delay in rollout by fibre network operators (FNO’s). Yeah, like everything else, we always start slow, but there is no need for concern or worries, South Africa always catches up and then shines!

Fibre Boyz has partnered with a vast range of these FNO’s to give you affordable internet services, for under R600 a month. We offer customers connectivity, with uncapped streaming at consistent download speeds of between 5Mbps and 100Mbps. Fibre Boyz offers its services across South Africa through our partners.

There is typically only a single fibre operator which is active in a neighbourhood, which means consumers do not have a choice between different fibre networks. You also have a choice on which fibre package to choose, which range significantly based on download and upload speed. Our website is user-friendly and our shop has a user-friendly map where you can check your address details and the product available in your area. You are more than welcome to view what we have in store for you.

The 3 Reasons Why you should join Fibre Boyz

There are several reasons why you should choose Fibre Boyz as your fibre ISP. But we will mention 3, which are the highlight of them of all.

The first is our prioritisation of customer delight.

Fibre Boyz strives to bring smiles to the faces of all of our customers through our broad base of options to fulfill your internet needs. We make the internet a much happier place and with uncapped internet, the possibilities are endless. This, we believe is how it should be, it should not be invisible but should work. We structure our customers’ packages in such a way that you save money while ensuring you get the right uncapped internet package for your needs, whether those needs are simply surfing the Internet, or streaming the latest shows in 4K.

Our customer service team chase down all FNO’s to ensure that their fibre services are also reliable, resilient, and uninterrupted ensuring you are always connected. All of this is facilitated by Fibre Boyz friendly, passionate, efficient and skilled team, who have one clear goal: ensure that you are delighted with your fibre service.

Fibre Boyz has a big vision and has goals to change the way Internet services are provided to consumers all across South Africa. We aim to provide some of the best services, efficient and friendly support, as well as quality fibre and Uncapped Internet connectivity to our customers.

Visit today and connect or email for that personal covid safe touch!

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