What is a Smart Plug? 6 Great Reasons to get the TP Link KASA Smart Plug

kasa smart plug

Are South African homes SMART? Are you using technology like the smart plug? The answer is almost there… and its becoming much more easier with TP Link’s suite of products. IOT technologies are fast moving towards ‘connected’ or ‘smart’ homes which once often caused our eyes to roll. The great news is that this doesn’t have to come at […]

Great News! Vox fibre coverage expands to 100,000+ homes in South Africa.

Fibre Coverage

Vox fibre coverage is expanding across South Africa, and this is amazing news! This development improves fibre coverage across South Africa! Vox has announced that it is expanding its access acting as an approved Internet service provider (ISP) services on Vodacom’s Fibre network. This provides greater internet coverage with more capabilities for customers to get the opportunity to get uncapped fibre! […]

Fibre for SMEs: 3 reasons fibre is now a big priority for small business

fibre for SMEs

Why are discussing Fibre for SMEs? Fibre is by far the most fastest and reliable connection the telecommunications industry of South Africa has. It has the capacity to allow your day to day operations move at the speed of light and can achieve speeds of up to 1000 Mbps. Fibre has been around for a while […]

Uncapped Fibre vs 4G/LTE: Is fibre a threat to big mobile companies?

uncapped fibre vs mobile

Uncapped fibre is a new kid in town which is dominating the telecommunications space and South Africa’s mobile operators, including Telkom, Vodacom, MTN and Rain, are set to face a challenge to their business models as uncapped fibre becomes more accessible to consumers. According to Digital Council Africa, fibre internet subscriptions have surged by over 168% in the past […]

Smart WiFi Cameras: 2 Effective Options

smart wifi camera

Protecting your assets can be a great concern for South Africa, but technology can assist, this is why we have launched a suite of Smart WiFi Cameras, powered by TP link as an outright sales, or great solutions on rental using the Guardian Eye technology supplied by Vox which gives homes and even small business owners access to an […]

Taking Rural Areas into the Fourth Industrial Revolution: 3 Solid Internet Options

fourth industrial revolution

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR)  fundamentally is a change in the way we live, work and play. 4IR has been marked as a new chapter for the human race. The advances which the fourth industrial revolution has brought has the ability of merging the physical, digital and biological worlds in ways that create both huge […]

What fibre speed do you need? Awesome speeds from 10 to 1000Mbps!

fibre speed

So you have been thinking of getting fibre but not sure what mbps or 10/10 means? Well, let us help you understand fibre speed! Fibre has never been more accessible today than it ever has before and its really incredible on how far we have come! With Fibre, the Internet basically travels at the speed […]

Why your fibre installation can sometimes take very long (like more than 21 days!)

fibre installation

So we know how it goes with fibre installation! After months of our sales agents calling you, you’ve finally decided to sign with Fibre Boyz through our partner Vox with their affordable Vox Fibre offering. This is after all that head scratching and Googling, waiting for responses to your Facebook status and scrolling through Twitter, buffering on your Zoom […]

What is webmail email hosting? Here are 4 great reasons your business need it.

webmail email

What is webmail Email Hosting and why do you need it? This may get a bit technical, but we hope we can explain the basics on this so that you can understand why your business needs an email hosting service and not just a free Gmail, Webmail or Yahoo account. Email hosting is an online service that rents out […]