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5 Great Streaming Services Powered By Uncapped Fibre

Streaming Uncapped internet

Streaming Services Are Taking Over

Streaming Uncapped internet

We all know DSTV is expensive, costing you a whopping R829 with loads of channels you just can’t watch. With more and more people moving to on-demand television, using streaming services like Netflix, Showmax, Prime, Disney+ and now BritBox at affordable rates, more and more people are moving to uncapped fibre which cost around R589pm where you get more bang for your buck for all of your entertainment, work and social media needs!

Get It All With Fibre Boyz

Our solutions are bringing customers connectivity and entertainment like they’ve never had before. This is not once off promotions, but gives our customers lifestyle choices which have not become a necessity. This trend started before the Covid-19, but what the pandemic has done was to make consumers more budget conscious due to various ripple effects which we saw in 2020.GET IT ALL WITH FIBRE BOYZ

Streaming Uncapped internet

Customers signing up for a 10Mbps line or faster and most FNO’s will include a free Wi-Fi router, connection and installation fees as part of the contracted amounts which will alleviate the burden of paying a high once off fee.

Our broad range of partners are striving to ensure that there is fibre coverage in your area as the networks are expanding daily. While you are still waiting on fibre to go live in your area, we have amazing alternatives like Fixed LTE and ADSL

Creating value for customers is important to us. Our partners continuously have promotions and line upgrades to keep you happy and connected. These sometimes come at no cost as part of our value proposition.

Don’t ignore this opportunity, you can feel free to email or call 079 694 7120 for assistance on purchasing a service with us.

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