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8 Great Fibre and Internet FAQs: We give answers

Internet and Fibre FAQs

Q. What Do I need To Know? Fibre Internet has two parts 1. Fibre Network Operator: Heard the names Vumatel, Openserve, etc, these are called FNO’s (Fibre Network Operators) there is usually ONLY ONE fibre network in your area – if any. The Fibre Network Operator, installs and owns the fibre optic cables that is in the ground […]

Why Fixed-LTE Is Your Best Option: 2 Operators to go for


Why Fixed-LTE You ask? So like our name says we prefer Fibre as it is the preferred fixed connectivity medium in South Africa due to reliable download and upload speeds with its uncapped offerings. Unfortunately, Fibre has taken a bit longer to rollout and has not met demand. The good news though is that LTE and LTE-Advanced technologies is becoming more […]

Pros and Cons of Online Learning: How 2020 Emergency Lockdown has Changed Education.

2020 Lockdown has Changed Education: the Power of Online Learning

The COVID-19 virus has resulted in schools shut all across the world with varying impact, with many pivoting toward online learning. This transition is not so easy in third world countries with limited internet access. Globally, over 1.2 billion children were out of the classroom. As a result of COVID-19, education has changed dramatically, with […]

2 Great MiFi Router Options from Fibre Boyz

TP Link M7350 Mobile Hotspot portable mifi router

Why think about mifi routers at all? Travelling may not be on the cards in the near future, however if you are a novice or a veteran traveller, the joy of taking a trip at your leisure is the most rewarding experience in the world. The thrill of being free, of cords and cables, the […]

#DataMustFall: Discover Incredible Cheapest LTE Deals in South Africa for 2021

About Cheapest LTE deals

Upgrade Your LifeStyle, Upgrade your Business, Upgrade your connection! Cheapest LTE deals are all the rage in South Africa right now! By now you have decided that you are paying too much for data in South Africa and agree that #DataMustFall. #DataHasFallen with Fibre Boyz We now offer you excellent Cheapest LTE deals and low […]

Is LTE-A Powerful? What is it and how does it work?

carl heyerdahl 181868 unsplash

What is LTE-A and how do I use it? LTE-A or Long Term Evolution-Advanced is a standard for high-speed wireless communication that provides true 4G+ speeds for mobile phones and devices LTE-A is a mobile broadband technology that uses radio spectrum to provide wireless Internet access. It is the latest wireless broadband technology and is […]

Your internet speed does affect your business badly!

Internet speed is now number one priority especially to people who are doing E-commerce business. Everyone understands the frustration in waiting for a web page to load or your inbox to refresh. This lag damages your business in one or two of the following ways: Your clients do not receive the information they require to […]

Customers now have a wider variety on connectivity solutions and we are their 1st choice.

South African customers now have a wider variety on connectivity solutions with Fibre Boyz Fibre Boyz launched its wireless portfolio through the introduction of several broadband internet packages using Rain’s and Cell C’s Long-Term Evolution-Advanced (LTE-A) network. LTE-A for customers The LTE-A service is an easy to use, SIM card-based technology over a robust network […]

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