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Why Fixed-LTE Is Your Best Option: 2 Operators to go for


Why Fixed-LTE You ask?

So like our name says we prefer Fibre as it is the preferred fixed connectivity medium in South Africa due to reliable download and upload speeds with its uncapped offerings. Unfortunately, Fibre has taken a bit longer to rollout and has not met demand. The good news though is that LTE and LTE-Advanced technologies is becoming more widely available and can potentially cater for virtually any budget due to strong competition by service providers such as MTN and Telkom. 

The service offers subscribers a high-speed, low-latency solution with fairly high monthly usage limits at a much better rate than traditional mobile data products. Your path to the internet is airborne, straight from your router to your nearest LTE tower. Telkom was the first company to mass-market its fixed-LTE products in South Africa, and was followed by Vodacom, MTN, Cell C, and Rain.

How Fixed-LTE has the upper hand

According to ICASA’s ICT Sector Report, almost nine out of every 10 households in South Africa are now relying on cell phones as their means of communication. This is heightened by the COVID 19 pandemic which resulted in a hard lockdown of last year and the resultant financial pressures it placed on people! Fixed LTE has become an alternative to Fibre, especially in the R100 to R500 per month price bracket.

The variety of packages and the fact that the packages are prepaid allows for some financial leeway which South Africans are simply loving. The service ensures your business will be ‘always on’ with strong mobile signal strength. Choose between capped and uncapped service options, depending on your business requirements.

Our pricing options for our Telkom and MTN Fixed-LTE dealz!

2 LTE Operators to go for!

Fixed-TE is not limited to an either/or approach. Small businesses operating from home can still use both LTE and Fibre. Fixed LTE can be a viable backup option should the Fibre line go down. This ensures households can remain connected even in the event of loadshedding if they have a mini-UPS to power their router.

If Fibre is a Ferrari, then a Porsche is exactly what LTE-A is. Our Fixed LTE service uses hassle-free mobile technology rather than complicated cables.

No Landline, no cables, no landlord approval, no lengthy contracts! Just you, your SIM-powered router and your couch. Your sim and router is all delivered to your door and can be be up and running, within 48 hours of your successful order.

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