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#DataMustFall: Discover Incredible Cheapest LTE Deals in South Africa for 2021

About Cheapest LTE deals

Upgrade Your LifeStyle, Upgrade your Business, Upgrade your connection!

Cheapest LTE deals are all the rage in South Africa right now! By now you have decided that you are paying too much for data in South Africa and agree that #DataMustFall.

cheapest lte deals for home or office in South Africa

#DataHasFallen with Fibre Boyz

We now offer you excellent Cheapest LTE deals and low top-up tariffs to be the innovative individual are!

#FibreBoyzBenefits #TheHashTagGeneration #Plug&Play

Plug & Play Installation is a breeze. You literally just plug in your router, switch it on and start surfing.

Fibre-like speeds and reliability With the bonus of not having to wait for Fibre to come to your area or paying excessive connection fees.

Need to work in multiple places? No problem! Our network is expanding each day and with the ease of installation, you can take your router with you wherever you go. Just make sure to check the alternate locations on our coverage map! [Email:]

No billing shock- at the end of the month. We soft-suspend your sim when out of data, not that you would be with our amazing top up dealz from only R10 a gig. No long-term contract required- Sign up on a month to month basis, ideal for start-up entrepreneurs. Free delivery When you include any of our highly recommended devices.

Tired of looking for the cheapest LTE deals? Simply browse our other packages and make the switch, quick and easy!

Need cheap data? Check out our Cheapest LTE Deals

  1. Click Here to choose your LTE Data plan
  2. We highly recommend you purchase one of our routers, we have negotiated Cheapest LTE deals with our suppliers to optimize your surfing experience:
    • The Huawei B315 LTE (Save: R500)
    • or The Huawei B618 LTE-A Router (Save: R800)
  3. Our LTE packages are classified according to per GiG dealz and you can choose which one suits your personal or business needs.
  4. Once, you have selected your package, completed delivery details and paid for your purchase (Don’t forget to send proof of payment if paying via EFT to we proceed with the next steps.
  5. We will send you an interactive form to complete your Rica Application (As per SA Government Regulations). This is all done online 🙂
  6. Once, you have easily uploaded you RICA Docs, we commence shipping to your previously stated address.
  7. At this stage, you are a Fibre Boyz subscriber and now have access to our affordable Top-Up dealz.
  8. You also have:
    • Access to 24/h support via our helpdesk
    • Exclusive offers to new products and dealz
    • Business support services
    • Discounted hosting packages
    • Business support services
cheapest lte deals

So how do I get the FibreBoyz Cheapest LTE Deals? It’s all about RICA.

For you to be able to use your new FibreBoyz LTE Sim card, you need to do “RICA verification”, which is a government requirement that allows LTE providers the ability to legally register new sim cards.  This happens when you receive your SIM card by courier. This process is NOT optional and is required before your service can be activated and used!

You will be required to present your original ID documents AS WELL AS copies of the ID documents to be able to succesfully verify RICA. When your LTE Sim card is delivered by the courier, the courier will need to physically see your ID documents and will take your copies with him.

You will need the following.

  • Your official government-issued ID document such as your passport or ID or smart card or driver’s license.
  • Proof of address that is not older than THREE MONTHS, such as your utility bill or lease agreement or bank statement.

Your proof of address documents must have in your name and issued directly by your billing party or bank. The courier delivery person is unable to accept unofficial documents as proof of delivery.

Further, the address on your proof of address documents must match the address where your service will be activated. This is important!

Fibre Boyz the solution for your personal and business needs, your first stop for great data bundle prices.

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