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2 Great MiFi Router Options from Fibre Boyz

TP Link M7350 Mobile Hotspot portable mifi router

Why think about mifi routers at all? Travelling may not be on the cards in the near future, however if you are a novice or a veteran traveller, the joy of taking a trip at your leisure is the most rewarding experience in the world. The thrill of being free, of cords and cables, the spontaneity to do things at one?s free will, the excitement of exploring the unknown at every step you take is like being reborn and full of life..?

What makes free movement even better is sharing these moments on the go and being able to be in contact with your customer if where required. This is where a versatile portable wi-fi router – also known as a mifi router – becomes indispensable for a businessman and traveller.

A pocket-sized router is a a must for being online while on the go. ?A user frequently will use their handheld wi-fi device while traveling to check for emails, getting directions, checking hotel and restaurant reviews, uploading photos, updating the status on social media, and staying in touch with those back home or at the office. Thus, having a high-speed internet is vital during one?s travel.

Mifi Router for Fixed LTE Connectivity

The following two mifi router products are perfect for on the go and compatible with Fixed LTE networks ?in South Africa

TP Link M7350 Mobile Hotspot portable mifi router

An excellent choice to carry when traveling in groups, this wonderful piece of technology can connect with 32 devices in one go. The wi-fi router boasts of LTE-Advanced cat6 support with 300Mbps download and 50Mbps upload speeds. Travelers can also relax after buying this device, thanks to the 3 years manufacturer?s warranty. What also makes this hand held router standout is the device’s easy management with the tpMiFi App.

TP Link M7200 Mobile Hotspot portable wifi
TP Link M7350 Mobile Hotspot portable mifi router

For more in-depth information about the TP Link M7350 mifi router, check out the official TP Link page.

TP Link M7200 Mobile Hotspot portable mifi router

The most affordable 4G enabled portable wi-fi router to have for any individual. This high-speed wi-fi router enables a person to access the internet on 10 devices simultaneously anywhere in the world. The TP Link M7200 mobile hotspot also comes unlocked so it can be used with any SIM card inside. Travelers get to enjoy 4G internet with up to 150 Mbps download speed and 50 Mbps upload speed. The wi-fi router is also surprisingly easily managed through the tpMiFi App.

This handheld wi-fi device has a 3 year of warranty along with the latest generation 4G FDD/TDD-LTE technology. Travelers after buying this pocket device can be rest assured that this router will be compatible with the network configuration of most countries & regions.

tp link m7200 mifi router

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