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Fibre for SMEs: 3 reasons fibre is now a big priority for small business

fibre for SMEs

Why are discussing Fibre for SMEs? Fibre is by far the most fastest and reliable connection the telecommunications industry of South Africa has. It has the capacity to allow your day to day operations move at the speed of light and can achieve speeds of up to 1000 Mbps.

Fibre has been around for a while now, but it’s still not widely available with access largely in metropolitan areas, including Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban, you can check out our coverage map here.

There are two types of fibre in South Africa, Fibre To The Home (FTTH) and Fibre To The Business (FTTB). FTTH is normally used in households and is cheaper than FTTB which is more expensive as it takes into consideration the business’s needs. According to Fibre Boyz, an internet service provider, “FTTB has several advantages over FTTH, including wider coverage, better contention ratios, complex security, and clearly-defined service level agreements (SLA). As a small business owner, its important to understand your useage requirements and budget.

Fibre for SMEs: Key Benefit for small business

A key benefit of fibre for SMEs is that it enables them to operate online without any of the performance and quality constraints they may have faced before. In effect, fibre turns small business into big business at the click of the button. Small business now has a tool to allow it to compete on an even playing field. More so with the advent of the Covid 19 pandemic.

SMEs now have the ability of significantly improving their communications which allow them to utilise solutions like video-conferencing and social media platforms to further their business. It also gives them more confidence in using the Internet for transactional purposes, thanks to the quality and speed of the connectivity.

Fibre for SMEs: How do you get this amazing Fibre solution?

To get fibre to the business (fttb) or fibre to the home (ftth) you need to have infrastructure in the area that you operate in. Some of the biggest fibre network operators (FNOs) in South Africa are Vumatel and Openserve, however there are many more out there.

You can check with your ISP on fibre in your area to assess what product fits your needs. Unlike infrastructure providers, ISPs  provide retail services for the end user. Well known examples include Telkom and Afrihost.

Once you have signed up with an ISP, the fibre infrastructure provider will send someone to install fibre to your business. Once that process is completed the ISP will send you a router and activate your account. This should take 3-5 operating days, depending on your area

How broadband fibre for SMEs increases productivity

Fibre services are not only designed to fit your budget, but your quality needs as well, giving you access to connectivity solutions containing the services you require to effectively digitise your business. Here is how Fibre can Boyz solutions can benefit you:

  • Cost Effective – Your business can benefit from a solution that offers significant cost savings when you consolidate your voice, video and data over one connection.
  • Reliable – Considered ‘future safe’, Fibre has set the benchmark as the most reliable form of connectivity. Therefore, by joining our network, your business will experience less disconnects and downtime.
  • Fast – The concept of ‘waiting for things to load’ is a thing of the past. Fibre broadband is the fastest connection to the Internet, and has revolutionised the ways businesses communicate
  • Versatile – Fibre Boyz guarantees you better Quality of Service (QoS) for each application, without sacrificing service performance or quality which allows you to optimise voice and data by converging these services over your Fibre network.
  • Customisable and scalable – Our customised and scalable Fibre solutions are designed to fit your business needs and can scale with you as you grow.

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