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Why fibre optic internet is the 1 powerful tool to help bring about the future for those working from home.

fibre optic internet

South Africa’s high-speed fibre optic Internet backbone has improved.

Its taken time, but the good news is that South Africa’s high-speed fibre optic Internet backbone has improved to the point where over half a million homes have ready access to Fibre to the Home. Yes there is still a long way to go, but South Africa has great internet alternatives such as Fixed LTEsatellite and ADSL

fibre optic internet

We know the tale, over and over again, we are in a new normal, its changed the way we work and play. The great news is that FTTH (fibre-to-the-home) is likely to become a more permanent feature for  corporate SA in adjusting to new realities as many more of their employees. Giving employees access to the internet through a stable connection will be more affordable than paying for expensive office rental and will enable staff to generate income for the company in the comfort of their homes.

This will be no different for the new plethora of online schooling platforms which allow your home to now be an office as well as a classroom. Your home will need to be fitted with Wi-Fi solutions such as TP-link Deco mesh which will provide for a more even distribution of internet throughout the home.

fibre optic internet

Tens of thousands of office workers who previously had on-site access to IT professionals will now have to be much more tech savvy than they ever were using Google or YouTube to solve their problems. Alternatively, they could consider outsourced IT resources to support them like those provided by our partners from as little as R29pm.

High speed FTTH is no longer a luxury.

High-speed FTTH is evolving from a luxury to a necessity for a steadily-increasing number of people,” says Mr Mpumi Twala, Our Customer Relations Manager. More than this, they also need great after sales support on a 24/7 basis. We sit at the consumer-facing end as a first line of support and will address queries regarding fibre access packages and any other value-added services offered on top of Internet access. On site technical support is served by one of our FNO partners.

fibre optic internet

Our relationship with you begins when you see fibre being trenched. You can get a hold of one of our team to sign up before the fibre optic internet in your area goes live. We will track and monitor the fibre rollout as it is mutually beneficial to get your area lit up. Once your area is “live” we will contact you to make your choice of FTTH package, Fibre Boyz will contact the fibre optic internet network installer to go to the your home and provide a connection from the network operator’s newly-laid fibre optic internet network to somewhere inside the home.

Consumers should note that Fibre Boyz does not fix issues related to the coverage area, fibre breaks and inferior installations because these are entirely within the control of the network operator. Our teams will however remain on top of the outage until you are back up and running.

If you’re connected to your Wi-Fi network but speeds remain slow, you may want to double-check what data package you chose from Fibre Boyz as it may mean that in buying the cheapest option you may have short changed yourself. You may also want to do a speed test to keep your internet service provider in check.

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