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Xbox: the 1 console unlocking economic opportunities in SA

XBox Series S
Windows’ Xbox helping unlock economic opportunities
Xbox has reached a milestone

It is a platform in which video gaming is big business with the  market expected to top more than $200 billion by 2023. In fact, you wouldn’t be the only one to do so, as studies indicate that as of 2020 there are an estimated 2.7 billion gamers worldwide- the highest number in human history. With an average age of 34, it’s interesting to note that this constitutes both kids and grown-ups accordingly.

It’s an entire new economy which could create brand new opportunities for South Africans, especially those who are unemployed in South Africa which currently sits at 34% with 90% of those being our youth.

Prize money for professional esports increased by 42% in 2019 to reach more than $234 million across almost 4,600 tournaments. Clearly, a game changer which will only grow in this Post Covid world.

Unfortunately, costs are a factor and when it comes to the casual South African gamer, the latest consoles are expensive. This is where the introduction of rental options powered by our partners Vox in the local market is ground-breaking.

Xbox price Comparison

Let’s do some maths.

At close to R12 000 for an Xbox Series X and R7,000 for an Xbox Series S, these next-generation gaming machines are not cheap at all and while we understand the justification for this price as these consoles provide an exceptional gaming experience, we believe more and more of our youth need access with hardcore players spending anything north of R30 000 on a high-end PC gaming rig. Without any sponsors people from all forms of life simply wont be able to tap into this market.

Even if you are not a serious gamer, playing on a console is something that the entire family can enjoy while they make new online friends in the process. A common misconception, however, is that gaming is only for “serious” gamers.

The words “noob” and tales of pro-players destroying all challengers are greatly exaggerated. Yes, there is a competitive element should you wish to partake in it, but gaming has never lost its purity in that all it takes to enjoy is a console, the right game, and some free time. Young, old, it’s all good- pick up and play is a thing of the present.

Accessibility, therefore, becomes critically important though, and with the growth of fibre coverage in your area. Bridging the digital divide between those able to benefit from the Internet and those without access has become much more easier.

Today, more than ever, people want to game. It is something that appeals to both the younger generation and those of us young at heart. By making the likes of the next-generation Xbox consoles available for rental with a fully managed service and bundling it with Fibre connectivity and digital content access, it suddenly becomes something everyone can enjoy.

Fibre Boyz for Xbox online-gameplay

Using our partners low latency network we will provide smoother play when the gaming server you have to use is not in South Africa. Many international companies have jumped onto the opportunity of having gaming teams and access online game servers and ‘scout’ for talent.

Online gamers who excel in a competitive environment bring much value to any organisation looking for individuals capable of delivering in high-pressure game-time scenarios.

Choose from the Xbox Series S, the smallest, sleekest Xbox console launched to date, and an affordable rate of R420pm including VAT, and an uncapped Fibre to the Home package for R589pm, including VAT.

Enjoy high-definition gaming in the comfort of your living room and give the children that perfect treat. Vox’s rental model aims to eradicate this issue altogether and make the possibility of gaming a reality for everyone. You don’t have to put out a massive capital outlay to partake in fun and relaxation.

Gone are the days of kids wishing they had what their friends do or feeling left out on the playground as everyone talks about new releases. Or spoil yourself with access to one of the most powerful gaming consoles ever designed and see what the gaming fuss is all about.

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