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Great News! Vox fibre coverage expands to 100,000+ homes in South Africa.

Fibre Coverage

Vox fibre coverage is expanding across South Africa, and this is amazing news! This development improves fibre coverage across South Africa! Vox has announced that it is expanding its access acting as an approved Internet service provider (ISP) services on Vodacom’s Fibre network. This provides greater internet coverage with more capabilities for customers to get the opportunity to get uncapped fibre! This is particularly great news especially with the need for most of us to work from home with the pandemic changing how our routines have changed.

Vox Fibre Coverage, powered by Vodacom

Vox has a long standing relationship with Vodacom and our Fibre Boyz team have tested their network speed at length in depth using the internet speed test tool. Vodacom is a key fibre network operator, and this agreement allows access to over 100 000 homes countrywide. Vodacom has networks built in all provinces with a strong focus on residential estates and complexes, and little overlap with other infrastructure providers.

This fibre coverage expansion deal allows some exclusivity with Vodacom only selecting a few internet service providers with access to its network in order to maintain a high level of quality. We see this as a huge opportunity for Fibre Boyz, as we are able to leverage our own nationwide online presence, as well as our business and channel partners, to reach out to more customers than we traditionally could.

Fibre coverage. It’s essential to modern life, and no, we are not talking about it as part of a balanced diet , not that fibre! Fibre allows you to enjoy fast, reliable Internet at home. In the age of work from home or entertainment where we are costing the price of uncapped fibre vs a DSTV subscription, its important that we get the best options. A Fibre deal with a nice price but a less than great upload speed might end up hurting in the long run, and Vodacom has a great offering from its lowest to highest package.

In addition to using its own fibre infrastructure, through its Frogfoot subsidiary, partnering with other fibre coverage network operators helps Vox to both speed up the pace at which it can get customers connected to reliable broadband internet, and to be able to expand network coverage beyond core urban areas such as Pietermaritzburg or Knysna.

Fibre Boyz wants to position ourselves as the internet service provider of choice for fibre to the home (FTTH) and the only way to do this is to extend our consumer market reach. We pride ourselves on customer service and our partnerships allow for 24/7 support across the fibre network operators who we offer!

Fibre connectivity through SA Digital Villages and Netstream is available in selected areas in Western Cape, Free State and the North West. Combined, this will provide access to over 100 000 additional ‘live’ homes.

Customers wanting to sign up can do a network coverage check on our website, as well as place their order directly from there. Alternatively they can contact, get support HERE, or call/whatsapp 0796947120

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