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What fibre speed do you need? Awesome speeds from 10 to 1000Mbps!

fibre speed

So you have been thinking of getting fibre but not sure what mbps or 10/10 means? Well, let us help you understand fibre speed! Fibre has never been more accessible today than it ever has before and its really incredible on how far we have come! With Fibre, the Internet basically travels at the speed of light allowing us to much better access to social media like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and to stream much more reliably without buffering on TikTok, Netflix or Showmax!

While we might not all have access to Fibre in our neighbourhoods right now those of us who do are spoilt for choice when it comes to speed selection with some of us getting fibre speed up to 1000Mbps for home use? That’s crazy fast and not so unnecessary with the current demands of a modern SMART home!

With this much choice brings an interesting question –  how much speed do you really need? At the end of it all, comes down to how much you can afford?

If you find yourself confusing broadband with bandwidth and always mixing up your upload with your download speed, don’t worry, we’ve got you.. today, you’ll understand fibre speed.

  • Broadband – the blanket term for all types of high-speed Internet. No prizes for guessing: Fibre is the fastest.
  • Megabits per second – the amount of data (measured in bits) that moves between two devices in a second. The higher the number, the faster your speed.
  • Bandwidth – the maximum amount of data your ISP allows you to send and receive per second at home.
  • Throughput – the actual amount of data successfully sent and received by your connected devices at home. This is what a speed test will measure.
  • Download Speed – how fast you can receive/download data – crucial for buffer-free Netflix binge sessions, streaming music and browsing the web. We list this number first.
  • Upload Speed – how fast you can send/upload data – crucial for seamless video calls and online gaming. Check out our Xbox Rental dealz here by the way.

So to answer the question on how much we need, lets go back. For most of us, our Internet needs pre-covid were really basic. We’d check our mails, stream a few movies, scroll through social media and maybe do some online shopping. Once the pandemic struck and work from home protocols were put in place, we realised we’d need a lot more bandwidth just to make it through the month. In the past, where 10Mbps for downloads and 5Mbps for uploads for the average single person might have cut it, back-to-back video calls, online schooling and the need for upgraded Cloud storage quickly proved otherwise.

Suddenly, our upload speeds became a lot more important especially when we needed to transfer large files to make deadline with a lot of our kids schooling online into their virtual classes on time or make sure we didn’t freeze in the middle of the Zoom call.

So, where do you go from here? What else can you learn about fibre speed? We’ve broken it down into a handy table below:

Fibre speed comparison table
What you needYour Speed: 10Mbps/10MbpsYour Speed: 25Mbps/25MbpsYour Speed: 50Mbps/50MbpsYour Speed: 100Mbps/100MbpsYour Speed: 1000Mbps/1000Mbps
Browsing Online & Scrolling Social MediaXXXXX
Internet CallingXXXXX
Streaming MusicXXXXX
Video CallsXXXXX
Online Gaming XXXX
HD Smart TV Streaming XXXX
4K Ultra HD Smart TV Streaming  XXX
Wi-Fi Security Cameras   XX
Smart Appliances    X
Number Of Connected Devices2-33-44-56+20+
Number of Users at HomeSingle User2-33-44-5Whatever you like

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