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All About LTE: 2 Great Hacks and Tips for Your LTE Lifestyle

Frequently asked questions



1.What is LTE Advanced?

Long Term Evolution Advanced, is an internet connectivity platform/technology that is basically a step up from LTE technology that delivers blistering 4G speeds, all the while being more reliable than traditional LTE or 3G.

Someone asked? “What speeds can I experience on LTE-A”?

Speeds of up to 150mbps are possible. This is affected and determined by many aspects such as congestion, number of devices connected, placing of modem etc. Regardless, it is faster than any Vrrrpha at an average speed of 30mbps!

Can I upgrade or downgrade?

Absolutely! Since it is a month-to-month contract upgrades and downgrades are possible, no fees are applicable. Changes affective at end of current month

How do I view my usage?

Just visit our website and log in to your account. It?s as easy as cooking pap n? vleis.

How do I top up my account?

Visit our client zone on our website, once logging in you should be able to view your usage and top-up if needed.

Does top-up data expire?

Yes, it is valid for 30 days after purchase

Does unused data rollover?

Unfortunately not. This is the only downside of being on a month-to-month contract

Can I use this LTE service anywhere?

Since its mobile. You can use it anywhere on condition that coverage is available in that area. This question is frequently asked.

Are any contracts involved?

No, it is purely a month-to-month service. This means we always need to be on our A game!

LTE router & Sim deal vs. SIM only deal ? which is right for me?

For clients that are using this type of service for the first time or don?t have compatible modem routers, we recommend using our routers which guarantee a best effort level service. For clients with their own routers which are compatible with our service, it is best they take the sim only deal. You can find our list of compatible routers on our site

How do I check if I fall into a LTE-A coverage area?

Our website does this for you. All you have to do is type in the location you intend to use our service on the map provided and you will be able to see if there is coverage. Easy! Right?

What if I fall just out of the coverage area, can I still purchase the LTE-A service?

Our network coverage is constantly growing, but we would recommend waiting till there is coverage in your area. If there isn’t any coverage then you can communicate your interest, that way coverage will come more hastily.

Do I need to RICA my SIM card?

Clients are required to do so by law. This means you will have to provide us with:

  • Certified copy of your I.D. Unfortunately we don’t accept drivers licenses.
  • Proof of residence not older than 3 months.(Bank statement, municipal statement etc.)

These are to be scanned and emailed to

2.Directive Required

How do I upgrade or downgrade my package?

Typically done on website, by logging into user account.

What is the order or prioritisation of data depletion?

Norm is top-up data is depleted last and the monthly inclusive data last.

I have a dead spot at the other end of my home, what do I do?

A Wi-Fi range extender is recommended by ISPs

Something is interfering with my wireless signal, how can I fix this?

Changing of channel is usually helpful, changing bands is also suggested for routers that support this

Does the free-to-use LTE router(if included) support other Internet connections?

Fibre connections are possible on LTE-A routers

Will my first payment and allocation of data be on a pro-rata basis?

Typically, ISPs do use pro-rata

How long does it take for my LTE-A SIM, and/or where applicable, router to be delivered?

The norm is a week.

How long does it take for my LTE-A service to activate?

Typically a within 24 Hours after receiving sim and/or device.

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