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Is There Fibre In My Area? 1 Big Question everyone asks

Fibre in my area

Fibre Boyz has a solution Is there Fibre in my area? Fibre Boyz through its partnership with Vox has access to multiple providers throughout Mzansi, such as VumaTel, Link Africa & Vodacom to name but a few. They are one of South Africa’s fastest-growing Fibre network operators, to deliver high-speed and affordable Fibre connectivity with both ftth and […]

Why Fixed-LTE Is Your Best Option: 2 Operators to go for


Why Fixed-LTE You ask? So like our name says we prefer Fibre as it is the preferred fixed connectivity medium in South Africa due to reliable download and upload speeds with its uncapped offerings. Unfortunately, Fibre has taken a bit longer to rollout and has not met demand. The good news though is that LTE and LTE-Advanced technologies is becoming more […]

UPS Power Supply: The 1 Solution To Keep Your Devices On

UPS Power Supply

Get a Fibre Boyz UPS Power Supply Tired of the frustration of no power? We know, and so does the whole of South Africa. Imagine, one minute you’re minding your own business, enjoying the bliss of a light-filled world while laying on the couch, when, suddenly, darkness strikes and boom “load shedding today”. In SA, […]

Fibre VS Fixed LTE: 2 Great Opponents. Who Wins?!

Fibre Vs Fixed LTE

Fibre’s fight Fibre is by far the most  preferred traditional fixed connection in many South African homes which are fibre ready and this is largely due to the reliability of download and upload speeds with uncapped offerings. The truth however, is that we all are struggling with access and  LTE and LTE-advanced technologies are becoming more widely available […]

Fibre VS 5G: The Battle is on!


Let’s start with 5G! Mobile operators in South Africa have been riding the 5G wave and touting the benefits of the technology, the truth though is that with the delays in the rollout of spectrum mobile 5G will simply not have the impact predicted. The other thing, service providers are not looking at is the […]

What’s in the name? ADSL, Fixed LTE and Fibre are 3 Great Internet Solutions!

ADSL, Fixed LTE Fibre

At Fibre Boyz, we have three primary internet solutions for our customers which usually work out to be the most accessible and the most cost effective. ADSL, Fixed LTE and Fibre are all great connectivity solutions, but the pros and cons are dependent on your specific individual needs and wants. Speed requirements usually are the overriding decision criteria when selecting […]

What is a Smart Plug? 6 Great Reasons to get the TP Link KASA Smart Plug

kasa smart plug

Are South African homes SMART? Are you using technology like the smart plug? The answer is almost there… and its becoming much more easier with TP Link’s suite of products. IOT technologies are fast moving towards ‘connected’ or ‘smart’ homes which once often caused our eyes to roll. The great news is that this doesn’t have to come at […]

Great News! Vox fibre coverage expands to 100,000+ homes in South Africa.

Fibre Coverage

Vox fibre coverage is expanding across South Africa, and this is amazing news! This development improves fibre coverage across South Africa! Vox has announced that it is expanding its access acting as an approved Internet service provider (ISP) services on Vodacom’s Fibre network. This provides greater internet coverage with more capabilities for customers to get the opportunity to get uncapped fibre! […]

Fibre for SMEs: 3 reasons fibre is now a big priority for small business

fibre for SMEs

Why are discussing Fibre for SMEs? Fibre is by far the most fastest and reliable connection the telecommunications industry of South Africa has. It has the capacity to allow your day to day operations move at the speed of light and can achieve speeds of up to 1000 Mbps. Fibre has been around for a while […]

Uncapped Fibre vs 4G/LTE: Is fibre a threat to big mobile companies?

uncapped fibre vs mobile

Uncapped fibre is a new kid in town which is dominating the telecommunications space and South Africa’s mobile operators, including Telkom, Vodacom, MTN and Rain, are set to face a challenge to their business models as uncapped fibre becomes more accessible to consumers. According to Digital Council Africa, fibre internet subscriptions have surged by over 168% in the past […]

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