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1st of all Who is Fibre Boyz?

Fibre Boyz is a 100% Black-owned internet service provider supplying Fibre, LTE and Microwave solutions to businesses across SA. We also provide various, Cloud Backup and Voice solutions.

We largely cater for the SMME’s, corporates and public sector organisations. Our ambition is to bridge the gap between business and their customers using the internet as a medium which has become a necessity rather than a luxury. We have various strategic partnerships with established organisations which allow our clients to receive countless benefits by joining our umbrella which will help them bear fruit.


Uncapped Internet fibre

Fibre Boyz gives you Uncapped, Unshaped, Symmetrical fibre with competitively low contention. Our Fibre solution is an excellent value-based internet access service that provides connectivity of up to 500Mbps. Our Broadband is provided by established providers including Liquid Telecom and Broadlink which has state-of-the-art fibre infrastructure that gives you best-in-class bandwidth.

Fixed LTE-A

Long Term Evolution Advanced (LTE-A) is an improvement on the LTE service which is very much like the 3G/EDGE technology, that is widely used by mobile networks. The difference being that LTE-A is much more reliable and faster than any of its predecessors, delivering peak download speeds of 150 mbps and average speeds of up to 50 mbps. Our prepaid Fixed LTE-A solutions are perfect for the home and SMME or Entrepreneur on the move. The services are used on a compatible Wi-Fi modem to provide an internet connection to you and your workers or for the whole family. Our service is also compatible with cloud pbx


Microwave-based last mile access medium using licensed wireless spectrum to provide a connectivity solution with high capacity, high availability and guaranteed speeds.

This solution can be implemented to meet the primary connectivity requirements of a business, allowing transmission of IP-based data, voice and video services. MetroNet can also be used as a redundancy option, ensuring your business remains up and running even if your primary access medium goes down. In addition, this access medium can also complement other connectivity solutions that may already be in place.


(Software Defined Wide Area Network) is a unified secure network solution that runs off your existing internet connectivity that will simplify the way you manage your network.

The Software Defined Network functions as a service on a single device. You require one device at each branch instead of a complicated configuration of network hardware.

Deploy branch applications and services as virtual network functions and manage your policies centrally in the cloud-based management portal.


DSL from Fibre Boyz delivers a dynamic range of connectivity solutions that give small to medium businesses the quality of service they need to perform. We offer Uncapped and Capped bandwidth packages that give you the flexibility of choice to implement the solution that your business requires. We don’t limit your options; we give you the full range of options to build solutions around your needs.

We offer DSL line rental and as a fully managed service. We sort out your Telkom DSL line and manage your line, check speeds, stability and ensure your line service stays rock solid.


While there are hundreds of new ways for people to communicate, email is still a pillar in every business communication strategy. We have a range of email related services that are essential for any business.

  • Premium Hosted Email – Your information is stored safely and you can access it from anywhere. Send and receive mails, share your calendar and organise appointments from wherever you are from your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Use virtually any mail client to connect to your mailbox and take advantage of a host of email features.
  • Exchange Online – offers business-class email to synchronise, manage, secure, monitor and deploy email across your business. Manage your Microsoft Exchange email from the Exchange Admin centre for easy mailbox creation and administration.

Deploy policies across your environment to keep business emails safe and leverage Microsoft’s powerful data loss prevention tools to ensure you never lose a crucial piece of company data. This business-class email service can also be upgraded to include Skype for Business, Sharepoint and a host of applications.

  • Secure Mail – If your business needs robust and easy-to-use security for your email, Securemail is the perfect solution for you. With advanced spam detection and 100% virus protection, Securemail is the final line of defence to protect your business from spam, viruses and phishing attempts.

Fibre Boyz’s Securemail is delivered via the Cloud. This means there’s no clunky software to manage and an always-accessible management interface and unmatched availability.

  • Archiving – Maintaining compliance standards, and ensuring you will never lose an email again. Ignite Archiving is a 10-year, secure, unlimited archive that integrates seamlessly with all major email platforms, keeping your data safe and readily available from anywhere.

Easy-to-use software means that you’re up and running in no time at all making data retrieval, regulatory compliance and disaster recovery a breeze.


Cloud PBX

An all-in-one VoIP service, offering an alternative to existing telephone company infrastructure. Single-access solution operates via a class 5 IP voice switch with voice interconnects that terminate directly into the traditional telecom service providers. This replaces your traditional PBX system with an internet-based voice solution that gives you all the functionality and control you need. Seamlessly configure, add, modify, monitor and future-proof your organisation’s communications infrastructure with Fibre Boyz Cloud PBX solution.

office 365 img 1

Office 365 makes MS Office applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Skype for Business accessible when and where you need it. Office 365 goes beyond standard Word and Powerpoint. Boost employee productivity, facilitate teamwork, share data and business insights through a secure, cloud-based productivity suite from Microsoft. The benefits of employing Office 365 for business are far-reaching


A category of security solutions that defend against sophisticated malware or hacking-based attacks targeting sensitive data as well back up for your important files. The product range includes Managed Firewalls, Mobility Management, Web Security, Managed Endpoint Protection, Cloud Back Up.

Cloud Server

Run your business without breaking a sweat. Fibre Boyz Cloud Server for Business let’s you deploy resources in minutes without lengthy setups and post-install configurations. Build your business technology on the latest infrastructure that allow you to share content, store information, deploy applications and much more. Cloud Server gives you virtual resources that include disk storage space, RAM, CPUs and the bandwidth you need to run your business applications optimally and reliably.

Website Hosting

Host your website on Windows or Linux with us and you’ll have an excellent data centre and network technology at your disposal. We’ll deploy the technology you need to build a website that will make you glow with pride. We’ll get your website up and keep it up with around-the-clock monitoring and reporting to ensure your customers can find you on the web.

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